The Fitness Unit program is designed to support you in your journey, working through a 12-week training cycle, incorporating weekly undulations in volume and intensity so each week brings new challenges. 

This package includes access to 3 distinct paths focused on strength, conditioning and movement respectively. You will have access to all plans, so you can choose which route feels right for you on any given day, whether you want to try combining plans or really focus on one specific element of fitness. 


x 4 Daily workout options 6 days a week [Mon-Sat] 

x Bodyweight Only Option

x Access to the multiply performance Athlete Platform via the website

x APP Based Training [BETA]

x Email and messenger support with Xabi [Head Coach @XP] ⁠ 

x £15 per Month [Cancel any time]  

x Early bird discount... sign up now and get May 2021 free.


#1 Move - Develop strength and coordination through a whole range of movements. 

#2 Lift - Increase strength, endurance and power, through a combination of strength training and bodyweight movements.  

#3 Fuel - Develop metabolic capacity, speed and conditioning through a combination of cardio and mixed modality circuit training.  


#4 Base - This bodyweight plan is built to develop all the fitness components outlined above, so you can train anywhere and still move forwards. 


The plan goes through three phases of training, shifting in focus slightly week after week, in a way that keeps you moving forwards. 

#1 Accumulation [Weeks 1-4]: Focused on building a solid base, exposing you to higher volumes of work week after week to prepare you for the next phase of the plan. 

#2 Intensification [Weeks 5-8]: Here we begin to reduce the volume of work but increase the percentage of maximum effort, focussing on getting you stronger, faster and more explosive 

#3 Realisation [Weeks 9-11]: The focus now becomes applying the strength and speed we have developed. Turning you into the complete athlete.

#Challenge Week [Week 12]: Here we let you test how far you have come, assessing strength, power endurance and function in a friendly competitive environment. 

Payment Options
£15.00 Monthly